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this rant by first saying I think both men and women’s bodies are things of beauty created by nature and should be viewed and enjoyed as such without all the shame and guilt that society, culture, religion and government have thrust upon us as individuals. The beauty of the male bulge. I find both female and male swimwear bulges to be highly sensual and erotic to look at and feel. We see women at the beach, at the gym and on TV wearing form fitting underwear, swimwear, gym wear and lingerie that flaunts their female bulge, showing off the shape of the lips and in plain view which is wonderful and a thing of beauty but I wonder why it is so unusual to find a man showing off his package, a package that is very easy to show in it’s bulging state and which is equally as beautiful as the female form. This is not a gay, straight, bi, female or any gender based issue. I believe that gay and bi males along with females are more willing to be open to viewing and enjoying the male bulge, it’s a shame the straight men will not let them selves enjoy life’s artwork. Being a swimwear designer for both men’s and women’s swimwear I can tell you from first hand experience of seeing hundreds of male models and thousands of men at fairs, shows and the beach that people who do not let themselves enjoy the male bulge are missing out. Personally my favorite bulge is the men’s swimwear bulge, I love the way many of the newer designs are set up to show and enlarge the size of the bulge and the detail of what you are able to see. I enjoy showing off my own bulge in swimwear, usually a thong or g-string with a c-strap built in that I can tighten up creating a bulging effect that borders on my equipment looking as if it is ready to explode through the fabric. Depending on my mood I will wear a semi-sheer thong with a ring some my bulge can be seen right through the fabric. This lets the full detail of the bulge be clearly seen. When I want to be a little more discreet I wear a light color fabric. I find it a total turn on to see men bulging out of a light especially white colored swimwear right when they get out of the water, I find it arousing when I to am wearing swimwear, perfect with a bulging style pouch and I get out of the water and not only can the equipment be seen but the color of the equipment shows through the fabric. Men’s swimwear really does it for me but without the male bulge what would you have? Swimwear is so public and swimwear bulges that can be shown off at the beach are a beautiful bulge being displayed by the hotel pool is to much fun to pass up. One of my favorite things is showing off my bulge at the gym. I always would wear Speedos at the gym pool, but as you know Speedos are designed to hide men’s bulging Displays and flatten them out so we are more streamline for speed. This last summer I made a change and went all the way extreme by wearing a Brazilian style bikini from Koala (my gym unfortunately does not allow men or women to wear thongs or g-strings but Brazilian cuts that show about half the butt seem to be OK) and with the help of it’s built in c-ring shows my male bulge very nicely in fact for the extreme bulging experience I just tighten up the built in ring and my smallish bulge becomes huge. I swim my laps in this cool suit, talk to other members of which half the time they are talking to my bulge not my face, now I know how girls with big breasts feel and laying out around the pool enjoying how my bulge feels packed into to my tiny swimsuit. Different types of bulges depend on the type of swimwear that you use. If you are wearing board shorts there is no bulge at all. Wearing a racing style suit shows a slight but compressed bulge. To get the full bulging effect men need to wear the right style swimwear. The best swimwear designs to show off a bulge would be thongs, g-strings a bikinis along with the new pouch only men’s swimwear which are all bulge. These suits have one common trait which is they are much smaller and tighter fitting then the other more common swimwear designs. A quick guide to the differences of the different swimwear styles are G-string swimwear has just a string on the sides and rear, a thong has a triangle patch of fabric in the rear and a bikini usually covers at least half of the rear. There are many swimwear types and sub styles of those three designs but that is the basics. Here is some deeper detail into front pouch designs and how they show off the male bulge. Men’s swimwear design has changed over the last few years and that has been a huge plus for people that love to show off their bulge or enjoy the experience of viewing men bulging out of their bathing suit. It is all about the pouch cut and design. The front pouch of a bikini, thong or g-string can be very similar but there are many pouch types. A standard v-cut pouch is generally high cut and tour equipment can be in the up or down position. Wearing it in the up position shows a smaller bulge but it shows the actual shaft detail much better. Wearing it in the down position has the best bulging effect and will usually show the head in it’s distinctive form. The v-cut pouch is the fuller cut size most like the front pouch found a women’s suit. Low cut-v-cut pouch is for wearing the equipment in the down position only and shows more bulge then a standard v-cut because the equipment is forced down and out with the lower cut design, I am trying to stay in order of what type of pouch causes what type and how much bulging, more in my opinion is always better! Front this point on each of these designs require you to be completely shaved for the very best effect. Male bulging always looks largest when the area is shaved or waxed clean. The swimwear pouch designs that follow the low v-cut design would all be classified as micro pouch suits. The standard micro pouch cut fits snugly around the equipment but most of the micro pouches cover little more. The designs differ as to how the push the equipment out creating different size bulges. A standard micro cut pouch balloons out from the body thus having enough room to hold everything in. The bulging effect on this type of pouch is much more evident as your unit is always pushed out and in full view. A modified micro front has more fabric and comes out further from the body bulging to the maximum that your size allows. This style of pouch shows a fabulous sized bulge and is always breathtaking to see on a public beach. You will always be the center of attention with a huge bulge and if you have the equipment to fill it this swimwear pouch it is an excellent choice, but what if your equipment needs help to fill this type of pouch? The answer to that is buying a design that has a fully adjustable Lycra ring built in. By adjusting the blood flow you can make and keep yourself very hard and fill a modified micro pouch beautifully there are even some suits with multiple rings and built in metal rings to make your pouch bulge to the max. Bulging in this way is not cheating it is using what you have to it’s fullest measure! 

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