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These are different Koala mens swimwear designs, photos were supplied by   Mens swimwear   Male chastity

Notice how the bulging effect differs from each swimwear design. These are all thongs but the bulge changes from style to style. The black suit features a max bulging pouch that can hold a very large man or a very small man who is fully hard. For men who are small using a c-ring on this thong would give you the best bulge. The top blue Koala swimwear design offers a built in c-ring which gives that full front bulging look that is so sexy. The entire equipment is pushed out from the body creating a tight bulging package that always looks full. Bottom blue suit is a nice low cut design that shows ample bulging but is not to extreme. Very nice style of swimwear to wear all day at the beach. The plaid suit shows a mild bulge. This type of high cut suit can be used with the shaft up of down. The bulging effect is larger with the shaft down and shows the head bulge. Wearing this style thong with the shaft up shows how long the shaft is and the bulge is nice and tight around the base.This type of bulging is OK in any setting and always looks great. Many men use these types of swimwear as underwear to. Wearing any type of swimwear as underwear and using a c-ring make sure it's adjustable so you can control how hard a full the bulge is during the day.

2008 Men in bulging underpants and swimwear photos,

Mens swimwear     swimwear for men

information and stories.  Bulging thongs, bulging g-strings and bulging bikini underpants and swimwear designs are our favorites! Men in bulging underpants and swimwear.                     Nice tight small bulging Koala design Mens swimwear

                                     by Michael David  Men bulge  Men bulging and hot bulge and bulging photos and stories! Koala

 Underpants and how men can make the bulging effect smaller and larger. Underpants as fetish wear.

Beautiful mens bulges. These Koala suits are designed for the maximum bulging effect. They can are swimwear designs but many men use them as underwear. 

Men in bulging underwear and swimwear are yummy!