Mens swimwear   Male chastity

The worlds smallest men’s bulging suit. This is the Secret Wish

Design by Michael David for Koala. It converts a bulging man into a girl.

They say this suit makes you vagina flat and a picture is worth a thousand words.

This is the smallest bulge I have ever seen on a man in fact I have seen women bulging in their bikinis bigger then this. Ultra sexy design lets a man feel what it is like to be a women.  See more of this design at They have many swimwear designs, many that can be used as underwear that are created around the fem style.

2008 Men in bulging underpants and swimwear photos,

Mens swimwear     swimwear for men

information and stories.  Bulging thongs, bulging g-strings and bulging bikini underpants and swimwear designs are our favorites! Men in bulging underpants and swimwear.                     Nice tight small bulging Koala design Mens swimwear

                                     by Michael David  Men bulge  Men bulging and hot bulge and bulging photos and stories! Koala

 Underpants and how men can make the bulging effect smaller and larger. Underpants as fetish wear.