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Men Bulging, my first public bulge.



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This all took place during my college days a number of years ago but the events are so clear it seems like yesterday. I happened to walk by our college pool and fell in love. I fell in love with bulging young swim team men and knew I had to belong if nothing else but to get better close-ups of the bulges and maybe some great locker room viewing.

My high school did not have a pool so this was my first experience with men competing wearing tiny little Speedos suits. I had always been a shorts sort of guy until I saw these guys. It was a bulge fest and from that moment I new this was my type of swimwear.

I could show off my bulge just like these young men.

I watched them compete for a couple hours wondering if I was the only guy/girl looking at the bulges on these hot guys, was I really that strange or were others getting as aroused as I was?

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Seeing men bulging in a school setting was awesome. These men all seemed to be bulge proud none seemed to shy away from exposing themselves. Most of the men had tiny to small bulges and they were fun to intensely scrutinize knowing my bulge in public would probably be no larger then their bulges.

Then there were the handful of well to very well endowed men sporting varying degrees of bulging from big to literally bulge busting out of their tiny Speedos. You could clearly see full long shafts in a couple of the men. This not only got me more aroused but hard and wet too. I wondered if I was out there in a tiny suit if I could control myself from getting wet. That question would be answered sooner rather then latter.

I can say looking back I might have been a little jealous of some of the bigger bulges but I was young these things happened, now I would just totally appreciate these young good

looking men, with all their testosterone bulging out of control and being so proud of it!


The next day I signed up for the swim team, being in good shape and a solid ocean swimmer I knew I could do it. They put me on the JV team and told me to go out a buy

a couple Speedos in the school color blue.

I went to the local swim store and told the saleslady what I was looking for. I was strangely a little nervous trying on something so small always equating stretchy form fitting tiny swimwear to women’s wear. She asked what size I wore and I told her I wasn’t sure I had never tried one on before, she looked me up and done and said I think you would be a small. She handed it to me and said go try it on. I stepped into the dressing room stripped down, I was already shaved, my legs and my pubs, completely clean and smooth. I slipped on the Speedo and immediately had a raging hard on. My first bulge was hot and big, or at least it looked big in the mirror. It fit like someone spray painted it on me. I was bulging big time when my fun was interrupted by the salesperson, how’s it fit? Ahhhh I think it fits well, looking down at my very hard cock bulging right through the fabric, come out and show it to me, once you take it home it can not be returned so let me check and make sure it fit’s you right. Ahhhhh I, ah think it’s fine…don’t be shy I see men in these all the time. What could I do, my cock bulge was big and not getting any smaller but she wanted to see it so I came out, I was standing looking at my self in the mirror with my nice muscled ass bulge facing her. It looks great in the rear she said almost whimsically with some sexual overtones, now turn around and let’s see the front. I did what I was told, I was now sporting the biggest bulge I possibly could, it was not something I wanted at the moment but I had no control of it, my cock bulging was in full gear even though I was very nervous and lacking in self confidence, I turned around, oh my! she said that suit fits you great with a huge smile on her face, I must of turned red with embarrassment and she could tell, she said you really look great in this suit in fact I would love to see you in the white one, go take that one off and I will get you the other to try on. As I slipped off the suit she walked right into the dressing room and said put this one on starring at my red swollen cock. I told her that I was gay, she said honey I know that but you are so nice to look at and I had to take a peek at that cock. We giggled and I tried on the white one, the bulge on that one was fantastic, my bulging cock against the spandex white fabric made it look even bigger then before, I decided to take the white one to I would wear it at the beach and two of the blue ones. As she was ringing me up she laughed and showed me the first suit with its huge wet spot, oops I might have been a little excited.



To be continued!



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