Men in bulging Underpants


Men in bulging underpants


All our stories are about men bulging in swimwear, underwear and other fun designs. It has come to our attention that many men and women who love seeing photos of bulging men in underwear seem to have a craving, almost

A fetish desire to use the word underpants i.e. bulging underpants in our stories and articles. So for you folks who just love the sound of men in bulging underpants this one is for you.


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We talk about how to maximize your bulge size to show the very best bulging pouches. I personally love to go into a locker room change into my shorts and stand around for awhile in my bulging underpants. Men always stare and I find it remarkable how many new guys I meet and have sex with just from making eye contact with them after I have caught then staring at my bulging underpants. Bulging in underpants for men is like hanging a sign out to every gay and bi guy around telling them that I’m horny and as you can see by my bulging underpants that I am ready for sex as soon as you give me the word. I have had sex with guys that have girlfriends and say they are straight but were startled and excited when they caught a glimpse of me bulging in my underpants. Of course there are many men in bulging underpants in the locker room and they are not by any stretch gay. Many of them just have huge cocks and they are bulging all the time end of story nothing they can do with all that meat bulging other then to show it and lets face it everyone gay, straight or bi checks out the men who have natural huge bulging pouches. You don’t have to crave cock to want to see what’s under that big bulging underpants pouch, you want to see how big just because some huge cocks are simply amazing. The man that owns the huge bulging gift may not even interest you in any way shape or form but just like those guys with tiny cocks you have to take a like. Some of these huge bulging cocks should be considered artwork they are just so beautiful and some times you see men in bulging underpants slip the undies off to show a huge cock but one that is not very appetizing. I know I ramble back and forth with my stories but I hope you get as much enjoyment out of reading them as I get writing them. How I make myself in bulging underpants visually pleasing and attractive on a sexual level and what I think men should do in general to be their most sexually attractive to men or women when they are trying to show the maximum bulging underpants effect.

For me it is the combination of underpants type, I prefer tight hi-cut narrow pouch thongs and bikinis, sometime I will wear all spandex which is a huge turn on to many men, as a side note always remember men are just plain hornier all the time and are easily visually stimulated. Look at how giant the market is for women’s lingerie, it’s to some degree about them feeling sexy but the real truth is it quickly arouse us men, like I said gay or straight we are easily aroused by visuals. Back to men’s underpants other designs I wear are cotton Lycra bends I always go for the ones that accentuate the pouch and create bulging by design. To make my underpants bulging as large as possible I will use a cock ring, a fat tight rubber or metal cock ring takes an average penis bulging in underpants and makes it a very large penis bulging in men’s underpants. A cock ring traps the blood in the penis swelling it to

And keeping large and I go for the cock rings that fit around the base of the balls to, this pushes them forward into the fabric and the underpants bulging is that much better. When I am strutting my underpants bulging in a public locker room with lots of men I will always walk into a private area to remove the ring before I peel off my underpants,  I don’t want men to know that I have cheated a little by getting some help. If I am at an underpants party I like to pop a Viagra before hand. This keeps my bulge hard and large and I have the benefit of being able to have sex multiple times and after a few years of taking it for fun, it still blows me away how hard my cock gets. For me my bulging underpants are at their max size when I take Viagra, sometimes I can’t believe how hard it gets, just like when I was an 18 year old maybe even larger. I have experimented using vacuum penis pumps and yes they are fun and they do temporarily give men a huge bulging effect, the pump effect just does not last long enough, that said it sure is fun pumping your cock and seeing how much of the tube you can fill, it gets so big at times that you could have a world class underpants bulge going on right after you finished pumping. Back to underpants, if it is sex with another man you are looking for you need to make sure your underpants are very sexy, a sexy bulging pair of underpants will make a potential sperm donor highly aroused. I always say might sure to concentrate on the pouch shape of the underpants. Not all men who wear bulging underpants are looking for the largest pouch size.


Some pouch sizes and designs and what type of bulging underpants are right for you.


One of my favorite sites to see many different bulging pouch designs

Is Some of the designs I think look best for bulging underwear are:

Sheer full pouch designs with built in cock rings. These styles are very high on my list. They can be used as swimwear, underpants or fetish wear. There are many pouch shapes and sizes but most of the sheer underpants style suits with built-in cock rings force your cock into the front of the pouch offering an extreme bulging effect. You look larger because everything is forced to the front of the pouch and the pouch is sheer. The sheer underpants for men make you look you are about to explode right through the fabric. Sheer is great for men with smaller cocks because the bulging effect is still very striking even for smaller men.

Another style of swimwear or underpants for men, they can be used for either are the spandex style suits with the upward facing penis shaft sleeve.

Rather then bulging out you are bulging up and your balls are bulging out on their own. These designs are available as thongs or bikinis and both have a sleeve that holds the shaft between two layers of spandex facing up. The penis is pulled from the bottom of the sleeve and is held firmly stretched out

as it can be pulled. This both keeps the shaft looking large and creates a beautiful bulging front design. Men bulging in these underpants constantly are showing of the shaft size and on some of the sleeved lower cut suits the bulging effect is magnified by the swollen penis head that is just about ready to break out from the top of the suit. With some of these underpants, swimwear designs the head is just below the waistline. Most of these bulging sleeve designs for men offer a built in adjustable cock ring which lets you control the size of the shaft bulging and lets you squeeze the balls very tightly on the bottom of the pouch creating their own bulging pouch area. A set of men balls bulging on their own ready to blast out of your underpants is very hot indeed!

Some men are lucky and can keep an erection for long periods of time with out stimulation. There are men’s underpants designed to show off these largest of bulging manhood in its most beautiful form. These are the extended front pouch designs. Underpants that are designed specifically to

Hold a hard penis no matter how big it is. I have seen men in extended pouch underpants bulging out over 9” talk about a conversation starter, an attention grabber and a meal all in one!

Sometimes the most erotic underpants for men are the designs that show no bulging in fact they are designed to make men of any penis size flat as a women’s vagina. They are referred to as negative bulging designs, a form of fem wear and they create such a tiny smooth look that men can appear to be women. This negative bulging effect can be very sensual and many men and women find this type of non bulging much more erotic then a huge hard cock bulging out of control. If you Google Secret Wish Bikini for men I think photos will come up of these vagina look for men suits, if not you can see them at In  a male oriented environment  like a gym most often then not men would be better off showing as much bulging in underpants as possible.



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